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Moldavite Pendant Necklace

Moldavite Pendant Necklace



•“Stone of Transformation" 

•The most potent and transformative crystal on Earth.

•Moldavite vibrates at a high frequency, it initiates spiritual awakening and transformation, helps look for your sacred path. 

•It is a protection stone. 

•Brings positive change to your life. 

•It helps in healing emotional and spiritual wounds. 

•It’s a charm for luck. 

•It promotes growth in consciousness and confidence.

•The sensation felt from the energy of Moldavite is called  “The Moldavite Flush"



Yellow Gold Filled Cable Neck Chain

Lengh 18 inches

Pendant: Raw Moldavite from Czech Republic

Wire Wrapped:  Soft Copper Wire, Gold, permanently colored

Height 1.75 inches

Width 0.50 inches




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